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Green Travel Girl Experiences Eco-Tourism in the Dominican Republic

Green Travel Girl 

Green Travel Girl Sublime Samana

  Travelling along the North Coastline of the Dominican Republic to experience what eco-tourism means, and how it is represented by in the Dominican Republic was an experience I will cherish for a lifetime. Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea on the south side of the island where we landed in Santo Domingo, to the Atlantic Ocean on the north side of the island where we stayed and adventured. The Dominican Republic was abundant in tropical plants, animals, fruits, and ways of life. The methods to which they grow their own food, sustain and preserve culture, keep the natural beaches, parks, mountains so green and pristine is incredible.

   Nearly 250 miles of the world’s top beaches, 1,000 miles of coastline, and more than 5 eco-tourism type resorts help make up the sustainable parts of the Dominican Republic. You can find a variety of other attractions to entertain yourself with while visiting this island as well. Things such as snorkeling, whale watching, mountain hiking, waterfall-jumping, and even dancing the night away to the sounds of merengue, salsa, and the bachata. There is an adventure waiting around every corner, a memory to be made at every stop, and a photo to be taken every second. So don’t blink and miss a thing while your are in the Dominican Republic.
Green Travel Girl Kite Beach Extreme Hotel

   BVK and Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism, ( were our hosts on my recent trip to the Dominican Republic Northern Coast. My all paid trip allowed for me to see and experience things that were arranged for the group of us. We stayed a few nights in two phenomenal eco-friendly, sustainable, luxurious locations while on my journey.

   What does being "eco-tourism" exactly mean when it comes to hotels, traveling, and shopping? It means keeping a low carbon footprint, providing food that has been grown on the property or fished out of local to the guests and clientele of these luxury hotels, and shopping in the local vendors away from the massive normal tourist attraction locations. It also means supporting the local economy by providing jobs and support to the local people instead of outsourcing materials and careers to other countries. Every step of the way showed me how to utilize eco-tourism when and wherever I travel to. Extreme Hotel is a great example of taking ECO to the next level. This was a location we visited that was all about sustainable, fun, eco-friendly, and growing their own food to use on site 24/7.They own and operate the aquaponics garden on site of the hotel property and have a few larger sites they are growing food out of as well to be able to sell to markets and local vendors.

   I was taken on a wild and exciting voyage from Samana and Las Terrenas, to Cabarete and Sosua. The in between of destinations was filled with locals, villages, animals, valleys, ocean views, and much anticipation of what was to come. Stayed in the luxurious Sublime Samana ( for the first half of my stay, followed by the very private and exclusive Sea Horse Ranch ( ) located in Cabarete.. Both of these establishments take being a sustainable and eco-friendly option for tourism and clientele of the Dominican Republic very seriously. Understanding that the best things they can offer come from a healthy ground and poison free environment had the food tasting beyond delicious. 

Green Travel Girl 
  Some of the adventures I was able to go on and things that we got to experience as part of discovering the variety of eco-friendly in the Dominican Republic included: horseback riding, snorkeling, whale watching, yoga, trapeze, waterfall hiking and jumping, as well as Catamaran boating around Sosua Bay. We also (as a press trip group) were able to eat at some of the best locations in each city, to experience the real taste of the Dominican Republic. Mi Corazon in Las Terrenas and La Casita de Papi in Cabarete were just a few of the stops we made along our way to satisfy our taste buds. 
Green Travel Girl

Green Travel Girl 

Green Travel Girl Coco Loco Hut

My overall experience in the Dominican Republic, and with both the BVK and the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism was incredible and amazing. I gained a lot of knowledge about the great inner workings going on within the Dominican Republic, and I could not have asked for a better group of fellow travel enthusiasts to been on this very well organized and adventure filled tour with me. The memories, laughs, stories, photos, and everlasting bonds is something that I will cherish for a lifetime. 

  I would recommend traveling to the Dominican Republic to ANY person that has the opportunity to do so. The things that you can do as a family, a couple, or solo are endless when you are on this beautiful and lush tropical island. Spending at least a week is ideal if you are going to travel around the island and see why the Dominican Republic has it all.

  If you are interested in learning more about the Dominican Republic, social media links to find them listed: .
Facebook: @GoDominicanRepublic Twitter: @GoDomRep Instagram: @GoDomRep
Pinterest: @GoDominicanRepublic 

  I have MUCH more to share with all of you about the DR, and MANY MANY photos to share. My trip to the Dominican Republic could not be summed up in one post. Stay tuned for what post is next!

  Thank you Annie, Nick, and Bridget from BVK for the opportunity to experience the incredible eco-tourism side of the Dominican Republic. And a special thank you to Pruddy with the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism for being an amazing host, and showing our group an experience to remember and share with the world. 

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(Press Trip Sponsored and hosted by BVK and the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism.)



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