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Luxury Beach Resort Sublime Samaná

This was my very first time experiencing the Dominican Republic. Greeted by the wonderful courteous staff of Sublime Samaná, holding fresh passion juice in carved out fruit was more than welcoming and inviting.
Sublime Samaná is a luxury resort located in the Dominican Republic. Surrounded by lavish greenery that extends as far as the eyes can see, this beautiful luxury 7-acre resort has variety of different 26 private suites and casitas to offer. One, two, three, bedroom suites, rooftop views, beach views, or cabana pool side views. There are two on-site restaurants, a spa, gym, tennis and basketball courts, and even a playground to entertain the kiddos.

Sublime Samaná is among some of the few resort/hotel/establishments utilizing the locally grown foods trend and trying to become more eco-friendly and sustainable. Alongside the sandy tropical beaches, lies the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic is abundant in fish and other wild life that is caught and served in the restaurants. Also prep…

Green Travel Girl Experiences Eco-Tourism in the Dominican Republic

Travelling along the North Coastline of the Dominican Republic to experience what eco-tourism means, and how it is represented by in the Dominican Republic was an experience I will cherish for a lifetime. Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea on the south side of the island where we landed in Santo Domingo, to the Atlantic Ocean on the north side of the island where we stayed and adventured. The Dominican Republic was abundant in tropical plants, animals, fruits, and ways of life. The methods to which they grow their own food, sustain and preserve culture, keep the natural beaches, parks, mountains so green and pristine is incredible.

   Nearly 250 miles of the world’s top beaches, 1,000 miles of coastline, and more than 5 eco-tourism type resorts help make up the sustainable parts of the Dominican Republic. You can find a variety of other attractions to entertain yourself with while visiting this island as well. Things such as snorkeling, whale watching, mountain hiking, waterfall-jumping, …