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Top 5 Winter Weatherization Car Tips

It is IMPORTANT to take good care of your car this winter and get it ready for the worst when it comes to the worst weather in your area. You can never be too prepared with car preparation for the winter. There can be so many accidents on the road, better safer than sorry when it comes to your car.

Thanks to Water Savers, I am able to share some of the best tips out there when it comes to winter weatherization for your car. Follow the link and check out more about Water Savers, @Water_Savers

"Ice, rain, snow and freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your car. To keep your family safe on the slippery roads this winter, it's important to take a few simple winter weathering steps. According to the International Carwash Association, proper maintenance can also go a long way in helping preserve the investment in your vehicle.

1. Switch engine oil: Oil lubricates the engine so it can function properly, but not all automobile oil is the same. If you live …