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Attending the MyPrintly HP Printer Mom-Meet-Up

I was invited to attend the +MyPrintly HP Mom-Meet-Up presented by Maria Bailey and the HP Team. I was so honored and excited to attend this event. I was so much fun to be able to bring my mother along for this fun journey. This event was allowing us to see the first use of some pretty cool new printer paper that allows for people to print from their social media accounts and allows for a caption to be printed onto the photo and then you can stick your photos onto surfaces. How COOL is that?!?! Yeah I think so too. :-) Now we were able to print our social media photos and made cards by using two HP apps that are available. One is the HP Social Media Snapshots app, and the HP Cards app. Both of which were fun and easy to use. Some of my photos did not work in the apps due to its size. Play around and keep switching photos and you will find the ones that work and the ones that do not.

  We attended this event in Portland, Oregon. It was set up all nicely with a variety of tables an…