Monday, May 11, 2015

I Took the #EcoBoost15 Challenge Presented by Ford Motor Company

    There is some amazing things I want to share with you about my Mother's Day weekend. I figured it was time to do something a little different this year since I am almost 29 (shhhhhh don't tell anyone), so I took my mom over four hours away driving time to join the #EcoBoost15 Challenge at the Emerald Downs Raceway located in Auburn, Washington. I just enjoy the scenic drive so much. The Pacific Northwest is a place unlike any other, and a place I am proud to call home. Continuing on, I thought now was the best time to take the #EcoBoost15 Challenge since I am working very hard to get her out of the vehicle she currently has, and into the Ford Edge.

     I registered for this event the minute I received the email from Ford. As many of you already know, I am a huge supporter and fan of Ford Motor Company and the huge leaps and bounds that they are achieving in making the vehicles they offer much more eco-friendly, sustainable, and more comfortable to ride in and drive. I have had the pleasure of joining Ford on some pretty fantastic adventures and opportunities to learn about Ford and the vehicles they offer and that are on the market. March of this year, I went on an incredible journey to Arizona to test drive the all the 2015 Ford Edge Sport and Titanium. I fell in love with this SUV. I am not the SUV car fan most often, but this Edge changed my mind. I felt it important to share that with you my readers, and of course my family. Since then, I have been waiting to get my mom into the Edge to feel the joy I felt. She does enjoy the SUV, and so I knew she would fall in love like I had.

The #EcoBoost15 Challenge had some pretty neat interactive activities to do and learn from. Our #EcoBoost15 Challenge began with the ST Reaction Time Challenge. Of course, I had to take some video footage of Mom racing in the Ford Focus. Then It was my turn, and I was able to get a video of me doing the ST Reaction Time Challenge. What an adrenaline rush that was for us. Only thing that was rough on me was the clutch. With new cars, you have a stiffer clutch. Which had my leg shaking like I have never driven a manual before.

Then we decided to go and head to the Mustangs for the Mustang Challenge to get in a little drifting and tire squealing. They were offering a manual, and an automatic Mustang to drive. Since the line for the manual was a little long, we took the automatic cars for a spin. Now let me just say, that two laps was not enough for me to get out all the built up need for speed I have running through my veins. However, the experience was beyond incredible. We had such a rush that it is a memory that Mom and I will share for a lifetime. She has never had an experience like a FORD experience, and it is one for the record books for Mother's Day, and for my special and wonderful mother. I also took a video of Mom going around the track.

The final challenge we decided to take was the EcoBoost Challenge with the side-by-side comparison of Ford vehicles and their competition vehicles. There was the Ford F150 vs. Chevy Silverado. Hands down the Ford F150 won with handling, reaction, and comfort. Next was the Ford Escape vs. the Forester. The Ford Escape won with Mom, however she did say that both were not really for her. Finally, we had the Ford Edge vs. Outback. This was the time in the challenge I had been waiting for ever since I left Arizona. My mom was in the 2015 Ford Edge, and is beyond in love. She was so giddy and like a kid in a candy store inside the Edge. It has everything and more she looks for in her SUV, and then some. Comfort, has enough seats and room, taller vehicle to see higher off the ground. the added bonuses of the Edge are beyond her list. The assist drive, park, cameras, navigation system, and is eco-friendly.

The EcoBoost Challenge 2015 with Ford was a complete success for the Green Travel Gurl in Washington. We have satisfied Mother, and she is now looking into purchasing the Ford Edge! Way to go Ford, and thank you for allowing me to give my mother an incredible experience to brag about and remember for a lifetime.  Go and take a look at all the stuff Ford is doing at WWW.FORD.COM.


I will be posting links to my videos once uploaded to YouTube. Thank you for checking out my blog post!

Green Travel Gurl

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