Wednesday, April 29, 2015

USB Handy Travel Light

   Ever tried to read when it was too dark? Tried to get some work done on the long flight across the country and didn't want to bother others with that light located above everyone?  Been on a train and needed some light to just do anything? I have been in the same position and it is not always the most comfortable. Now, I have a handy dandy light to help me out during those times when I need a little light to guide my way.

  Introducing the USB LED lamp with a flexible neck, on/off switch, and two levels of brightness to chose from. This light plugs into any USB outlet and provides light. It is light weight, easy to store, and offers the brightness you need, when you need it.

  I tried it out on the plane and just hooked it into my laptop, and had a little light all my own. It allowed me to angle the light away from everyone and into what I was doing, which was writing. Must be the blogger in me.

  If you are looking for a handy travel light for your next adventure, please check out and purchase yours today.

Green Travel Gurl

(This is a sponsored blog post powered by Tomoson)

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