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USB Handy Travel Light

Ever tried to read when it was too dark? Tried to get some work done on the long flight across the country and didn't want to bother others with that light located above everyone?  Been on a train and needed some light to just do anything? I have been in the same position and it is not always the most comfortable. Now, I have a handy dandy light to help me out during those times when I need a little light to guide my way.

  Introducing the USB LED lamp with a flexible neck, on/off switch, and two levels of brightness to chose from. This light plugs into any USB outlet and provides light. It is light weight, easy to store, and offers the brightness you need, when you need it.

  I tried it out on the plane and just hooked it into my laptop, and had a little light all my own. It allowed me to angle the light away from everyone and into what I was doing, which was writing. Must be the blogger in me.

  If you are looking for a handy travel light for your next adventure, please chec…

Silvano Sunglasses Are A Must Have

 "The Eyewear Collection is a unique, bold, and fearless modern display of sunglasses that have polarized lenses and offer 100% UVA/UVB protection. Simple but unforgettable, the Eyewear Collection is timeless with the exclusivity of either exotic woods indigenous to Asia and Africa or recycled skateboard wood. The sunglasses are available in a variety ofcolors and tints that will suite fashion connoisseurs of every age and gender. Feel the essence of nature in all its forms as this collection delivers a sense of inspiration, freedom, and style."

  Let me just start by saying thank you to Silvano Apparel for my amazing sunglasses and personalized note. I was touched and very appreciative. Now, may I continue and say that I LOVE my new Silvano Apparel black and grey sunglasses. I have a hard time finding sunglasses that fit my face and don't squeeze it causing a headache over time of use. My Silvano sunglasses have sides that bend out, allowing for me to adjust the tightne…

Summer Travel Plans?

With summer right around the corner, traveling is going to pick up a lot and the memories to begin. People on journeys and adventures to see loved ones, visit new places, and create ever lasting memories to share for a lifetime. So where are you planning to travel to this summer?

    My kids have a few destinations they want to go to. Some are a little bit more adventurous than others. My son, Isaiah, wants to go and dig for dinosaur bones in Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico. he is 13 and has always been fascinated by dinosaurs and the thought of him getting a chance to dig for fossils has him beyond excited. Next we have my daughter Jalinnah, and she wants to go to Disneyland and go on a journey to see all the animals she can. Jalinnah loves all the princesses and the thought of her getting to see one and talk to her, actually had my four year old crying with happiness.So maybe a few zoos, aquariums, and museums is where we will go for the animals.. She loves nature and animals.


Pura d'or Argan Oil Products

Pura d'or
"We at Pura d'or believe in creating only the best organic beauty and skin products made with the highest quality ingredients. All of our products are free from SLS, parabens and gluten. We are animal cruelty free, USDA Organic, USDA Certified Biobased, and Dr Trusted. . We are also #1* in Organic Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo * Rated #1 on Amazon for both Shampoo and Conditioners."

   I am currently trying out hair care products from Pura d'or. I am using the premium organic hair loss prevention shampoo, and the organic argan oil based conditioner in a lavender vanilla scent. I have only had a chance to use it a few times, but I am enjoying it so far and look forward to see how it works over time.

  I am a true supporter of natural and organic products and these are great. I love the scents of both of them as well. Leave my hair shiny for sure. I also need to use a leave-in conditioner, because my hair is curly and thick the conditioner doesn't leave my h…