Monday, March 30, 2015

Visit Jordan to Experience What Life Has to Offer

 Ever wanted to close your eyes and be in a far off land? A land you have never seen before, but only dreamed about, seen on television and in movies? Well, so have I! As a child I watched too much of Aladdin and fell in love with the palace, (of course) the colors of the city, the sand, and the camels. I used to lay down at night and dream of what it was like to see so much sand, to feel the warm (hot) sun all the time, and do be on camel back as I adventured from place to place trying new foods and seeing the culture.

   Now, I know that Aladdin and its location is not real. However, I know that the world is filled with many places, and some I know are similar, or pretty close. One of these amazing and beautiful places is Jordan. Jordan is located in the center of the Middle East.Jordan has very dry deserts, extremely colorful rock and sand mountains, along with very fertile valleys.

  Food is a huge part of the daily life in Jordan. The main meal is served in the middle of the day when one will sit on the floor to a table filled with rice, meats, salads, yogurt, and bread to use as a spoon to scoop up your food. Just an NEVER uses their left hand to eat with.

  In Jordan, you are able to do so many different things. From riding camels and sight seeing, to visiting some pretty phenomenal historical locations and see some breathtaking architecture. From the ancient city located in Amman, to "the city of Mosaics" located in the city of Madaba. Or, you could go to the ancient city of Petra and see this nationally treasured and most popular tourism destination.

  If you are not so much into the out and about adventures of Jordan, you can always find some extremely relaxing hotels and spas along your way to stop in at. Then again, who would want to do that when the Dead Sea is so close?!? The Dead Sea is said to have healing properties that are beyond anything else found in our most common of rivers and oceans. I say this makes Jordan not only a place to see and taste some pretty cool and yummy things, but get healed and feel complete and utter bliss.

  This is one location that has landed on my #BucketList for sure. If you are interested in learning more about traveling to Jordan, please visit a website All the information you could possibly want and then some.

  I can not wait to take this adventure in the future and tell all about it!


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  1. Thanks "Amanda Farrar" for share such helpful and exciting post on Jordan. Though I have never been there but my brother gone there and as per his experience he had great experience at there. Thanks to Citadeltours for helps him for had a great trip at there.


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