Liquors, Wines, and Fun

    Once upon a time, I was a bartender and enjoyed being making adult beverages, serving beer, and talking with patrons. I am no longer in the bar scene, but I still like to try out different drinks. Including liquors, wines, beers, and ales.

    Here are some photos of drinks I have tried. I am more of a sweet drink type of person, but I am open to tasting the not so sweet too.  From Courvoisier for the first time recently, to the yummy margarita...I am trying them out to see what I think. These photos are over a 5 month period.

This is my first time trying Courvoisier. I was a warm few first sips, but I enjoyed it. Something I would need to get used to sipping on.

                                 Sometimes a beer is nice to just sip on and watch the Blazer game.

Then the eggnog with a variety of liquors to see how they tasted. I like eggnog, but it is something I cant drink a lot of. The Canadian Club Whisky was not too bad either. I am not much of a whisky drinker, but with some 7-Up, I was able to enjoy a nice Whisky7.

The Lemon Drops were amazing! The little drink in the top photo was a jalapeno something. It was spicy, and didn't go with my meal. So I didn't get to try that too much. I will shoot for that soon.

Margaritas made blended and on the rocks. The martini in the background was a bit strong for me. Still good though.

As a Puerto Rican, I love my rum. The Mango Rum Bucket, and home made rum swizzle.

First time trying Sake, and it was a plum wine. It was really delicious!

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