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Visit Jordan to Experience What Life Has to Offer

Ever wanted to close your eyes and be in a far off land? A land you have never seen before, but only dreamed about, seen on television and in movies? Well, so have I! As a child I watched too much of Aladdin and fell in love with the palace, (of course) the colors of the city, the sand, and the camels. I used to lay down at night and dream of what it was like to see so much sand, to feel the warm (hot) sun all the time, and do be on camel back as I adventured from place to place trying new foods and seeing the culture.

   Now, I know that Aladdin and its location is not real. However, I know that the world is filled with many places, and some I know are similar, or pretty close. One of these amazing and beautiful places is Jordan. Jordan is located in the center of the Middle East.Jordan has very dry deserts, extremely colorful rock and sand mountains, along with very fertile valleys.

  Food is a huge part of the daily life in Jordan. The main meal is served in the middle of the day…

Building a Sustainable Home

Have you seen those amazing sustainable houses that people are starting to create and share with the world? Have you ever wondered how they did it? What they used? How it worked? Well here is a website that is sharing exactly that information.

  It is important to understand what sustainable means, and how to go about creating a homestead that is sustainable after understanding what it is. The breakdown is now here.

  Please go and take a look at and see what the new sustainable home movement is about.


Green Cars of 2015

I believe that the only future we have, is a greener one. One in which we learn to stop living off the man made substances, and more off what we already have. Learning to be wiser in our economic choices and beliefs.

   Please go and check out and take a closer look at this amazing article written about the newest "green" cars to be hitting the market.


Please go and take a look for the detailed specifics on each and every one of these vehicles shown.

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Dead Sea Mud Mask

I just recently received my Pure & Essential Minerals Dead Sea Mud Mask,  and after my first use... My skin feels and looks phenomenal! I took some before photos of my face with no makeup or anything on. I will take another photo series of my face all natural in about a month to see if we can tell the difference.
   This is a pure dead sea mud, using all natural ingredients and those from the dead sea. This ancient natural skin healing formula enhances the natural glow of your skin over time of use,  while deep cleansing your skin at the same time. The suggested use is once a week, leaving on to dry 5-10 minutes before washing off with warm water and a wash cloth.    On my first use I immediately could tell a difference. I felt my skin begin to tingle and feel all warm. Its almost as though I could feel my pores being cleaned of all the icky stuff that can get into our pores during the day. After I let my mud mask dry, I washed it off and my skin was so soft and felt like it …

All-new 2015 Ford Edge and the Arizona Desert Debut

Here is the all-new 2015 Ford Edge Titanium that I had the pleasure of driving around  Arizona. BEAUTIFUL!!  Since my partner and I went a little off the course, we decided to find some scenery to put in the background for our photos and his video. It was a good call and is breathtaking if you ask me.

 I previously mentioned being invited by Ford Motor Company to join them in Phoenix, Arizona, for the all-new 2015 Ford Edge test drive. Let me just say how AMAZING my trip was, and how the 2015 Ford Edge is truly a fantastic mid-size SUV. The Ford team is always a pleasure to meet, and even more of a pleasure to see again and catch up. We build bonds with one another and they are always so kind and helpful. Great team Ford!

   I was able to try out the new features the Edge has to offer, and I was so beyond impressed. I am typically not a mid-size SUV vehicle person. I prefer the smaller compact type cars. That is until now. The 2015 Ford Edge Titanium was the car my partner +MPGoma…

Ford Edge Drive 2015 in Phoenix

I am so honored to be attending the 2015 Ford Edge Drive event located in Phoenix, Arizona.

   I will be getting the chance to test drive this amazing family sized SUV in the warmth and sunshine. I don't mean to brag about the warmth...knowing half the country is still in the coldest of coldest. I will pray for all of you while I am soaking up the UV rays in the desert. (Smile)

   For DETAILED information about the all new 2015 Ford Edge, please visit For all pricing information please visit

   Here is a photo that I used off of the site listed above. I will have my very own personal photos to share once I have done my Ford Edge Drive next week.

   Thank you so much Ford Motor Company for inviting me along for this amazing experience  of driving the 2015 Ford Edge in Phoenix, Arizona.

Stay on the lookout for my upcoming blog post and YouTube video about my journey in the 2015 Ford Edge.

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Liquors, Wines, and Fun

Once upon a time, I was a bartender and enjoyed being making adult beverages, serving beer, and talking with patrons. I am no longer in the bar scene, but I still like to try out different drinks. Including liquors, wines, beers, and ales.

    Here are some photos of drinks I have tried. I am more of a sweet drink type of person, but I am open to tasting the not so sweet too.  From Courvoisier for the first time recently, to the yummy margarita...I am trying them out to see what I think. These photos are over a 5 month period.

This is my first time trying Courvoisier. I was a warm few first sips, but I enjoyed it. Something I would need to get used to sipping on.
                                 Sometimes a beer is nice to just sip on and watch the Blazer game.

Then the eggnog with a variety of liquors to see how they tasted. I like eggnog, but it is something I cant drink a lot of. The Canadian Club Whisky was not too bad either. I am not much of a whisky drinker, but with so…

Bucket List Travels

As a traveler, I have so many places on my "Bucket List" that I thought I would share some of them with you. For those who aren't familiar with what a "Bucket List" is, it is a list of things you want to see, do, eat, try, adventure to, before you move on from this lifetime.

   In no specific order, here are a few of my tropical destinations that I will travel to. From the stunning beaches at every turn, to the culture of foods and traditions, I want to adventure and photograph my every journey. I want to bike ride through under the breath taking sunsets of Hawaii, try fresh fruits I have never heard of, kayak in the warmest bluest waters imaginable, and dance nights away with a local adult beverage in hand.

  Being a nudist, I also want to find some local nudist beaches and see what the environment is like in different areas of the world. I am sure there are some pretty fun and exciting nudist locations out there.

First, is the Maldives. Located in the I…