Monday, February 23, 2015

Stephen Vincent Jewelers

   Stephen Vincent Jewelers is located in the heart of Portland, Oregon. I has the amazing honor of being able to model this phenomenal jewelry for a private bank event that Stephen Vincent Jewelers was having.  I don't have the exact value of everything I was wearing,  however I do know it was a pretty penny.  ;-)
"Stephen Vincent Jewelers is a friendly boutique that offers a variety of high-quality pieces for those individuals who truly have a passion for jewelry. From exclusive to unusual, our jewelry is sure to unleash your distinct sense of style. A boutique jeweler is a more personal experience with the clients. Rather than just making a sale we try and make friends for years to come. Listening to our clients and giving them exactly what they desire while providing quality jewelry with a fair value, and having fun while doing it is our mission here at Stephen Vincent Jewelers."
   Stephen Vincent Jewelers are the experts of Jewelry Architect. Jewelry architect is recreating the jewelry you already own and don't wear, into something that you will enjoy for years to come.
They carry both local and national designers, do custom design and jewelry makeovers, and carry watches as well. They also provide diamond locating services for finding that perfect diamond for your perfect wedding day.
   If you or a loved one are looking for that personal relationship with your jeweler and for unique designs, take a look at Stephen Vincent Jewelers website below and see the passion this boutique has for its clients. 

   Something that makes me even more of a supporter of Stephen Vincent Jewelers,  is the fact that they are such a supporter of the community here in Portland.  From supporting local fashion events and designers,  to cancer and charity events.  They are always out there and it just shows how caring and amazing Stephen Vincent Jewelers really is.  Check out his website for more information about Stephen Vincent Jewelers.
   I have included personal images and with permission from Stephen Vincent Jewelers,  have included a few photographs from their website.
Stephen Vincent Jewelers
1307 SW 1st Ave
Portland, OR 97201
Telephone: 503-274-7682

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