Monday, February 16, 2015

Portland International Auto Show 2015

    I recently attended the Portland International Auto Show Portland, Oregon.I was one of the first media people to attend that day, so I wasn't able to get a lot of information on many of the vehicles being shown.I apologize for some of the photos not being the best and up to par. I like taking very clean and prestigious photos for all of you to see and unfortunately due to the timing of when I went, I was unable to provide the best photos for you all. Beyond some of the photos having a little bit of chaos going on in the background, I was still able to see some amazing cars. I was able to see a beautiful red Bugatti, some of the new and amazing BMW'S, LexusS', Land Rovers and Mercedes vehicles, as well as a variety of hybrid vehicles.



 The car my son was dying for me to see and take photos of was the Bugatti.

While walking around taking some photos of some pretty neat cars, I ran into Interactive things going on as well. Honda was having some gentlemen paint a Pacific Northwest seen on one of their vehicles.
Volkswagen had some interactive paint your vehicle type of activity going on.
Intel had a simulated race car to try and test out, and I'm sure there was more going on but with me being there so early I was unable to catch a lot of the interactive things happening, any reps for the vehicles, and I missed a lot of information because it wasn't out quite yet.
503 Motoring Club also brought in some amazing, luxury, sexy cars for me to drool over.

I am currently in the process of scheduling  some briefings and test drives on some of the electric bikes I had seen at the Portland International Auto Show, as well as doing a test drive of the Lexus 350 coupe that is located at the Kuni Lexus Portland dealership.I'll make sure to be doing updates and blogs about those briefings and test drives once I get them done.

It always feel good to see quotes from this amazing man. Henry Ford was a man beyond words. He was a man of actions.

No better way to celebrate an amazing car show, and job well done.
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