Monday, February 23, 2015

Johnson & Johnson

#InspireCare with Johnson & Johnson
Inspirations in my life to become the mother I am today have come from one woman in my life that was always there for my siblings and I, her grand children, my Abuela, Tia, primos, friends, and anyone who was in need; and that amazing, special, inspirational person in my life is my Mom. Like Johnson & Johnson, my Mother believes that caring is one of the most important fundamentals of being a mother.
Johnson & Johnson and its partners support global motherhood with programs that meet the needs of moms and babies in the U.S. and around the world. So as a single parent  to my siblings and I but never let it show how hard it really was for her. We had such fun adventures, went  on trips, one of which was to Disneyland in California, and through all the good times and the bad times I always felt her caring, nurturing, and unconditional love. When I became a mother, I was able to carry on those things that I was shown by my mom, and carry the love, caring, and nurturing to my children.
Along with the love Mom showed us, she always made sure the our over all healthy and well-being were taken care of and in tip-top shape. Johnson & Johnson was a huge part of that as a first time parent for my mom. She knew we would be clean, soft, and taken care of with the gentleness of Johnson & Johnson products that every precious baby deserves.
I must say that I have have an amazing inspiration in my life to be a wonderful, caring, nurturing, and loving mother. I invite you to join many other caring mothers that support global motherhood by using your social media outlets and raising awareness for global motherhood and attend the Johnson & Johnson #InspireCare #LATISM conferences. If attending LATISM stop by the Johnson & Johnson's suite at presented by Johnson & Johnson's #InspireCare. You can also post on Twitter #InspireCare and #LATISM.
To learn more information about the programs of Johnson & Johnson please visit To visit Johnson & Johnson website please go to
Join today to support Johnson & Johnson #InspireCare to raise global awareness and support of motherhood and babies. (2013 blog post)

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