Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Adventures at the North American International Auto Show 2015

    I recently just got back from a trip from Detroit, Michigan, where I not only had the honor of attending the Ford press conference with the Ford Motor Company and their digital influencers event entitled #FordNAIAS, but we were able to go into the North American International Auto Show(NAIAS) to see all of the other phenomenal cars and vehicles that were being shown during the NAIAS event this. Here are the videos from the press conference. and

   I was able to attend #FordNAIAS and see my business partner Seth Leitman, aka The Green Living Guy and we were able to experience some pretty cool stuff with one another. Our first night in Detroit we went to the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, listened to some presentations by Angie Kozleski the Global Marketing and Digital Communications Manager for Ford, Sheryl Connelly the Ford Futurist and Dean Weber the Manager of North American Archives for Ford. We were able to have a stroll of the Piquette Avenue Plant, get photos of some pretty cool Model-T cars,  enjoy a nice buffet style dinner with some adult beverages, listen to the amazing entertainment of the live band Vincent J. Evangelista, while getting to know one another.


   Along my journey I met some pretty amazing individuals. I gained new friends, learned so much new information, and walked away from #FordNAIAS with a whole new inspiration and drive for life.  Just to name a few of the cool people I was able to hang out with; @HarshCougar aka Chris DeMorro the Site Director/Editor for aka Shane Shirley the CMO for SB brands, @Mttsm aka Carmen the Digital Media Blogger and owner of aka Ron Myers the Principal Design & Marketing for Motorsports, @geekazine aka Jeffrey a Podcaster, V-Caster,  host of Geek Smack!,  and owner of aka Daniel Gray the Guerilla Video Producer and owner of,  @zachbussey aka Zach Bussey the Digital Content Creator, lifestyle blogger,  and owner of aka Will Jenkins the Owner and Founder of aka Kevin C. Paulson the Founder and CEO of aka Matt McKahan the Owner of aka Christopher Rauschnot the New Media Consultant at aka Megan McWilliams a radio show host/TV personality/producer/green diva for aka TerriAnn van Gosliga the Editor-in-Chief and blogger for and, and last but definitely wasn't the last amazing person I met was @DennisPang aka Dennis Pang with Please check them out by clicking on the names as hyperlinks to their information.

   I have to be honest and say I was completely mesmerized by one of my favorite cars of all time having its WORLD DEBUT, the unveiling of the Acura NSX! I went to the unveiling of the Acura NSX  some amazing first hand video footage, and got lots of pictures. To see the NSX so close, and with the background music and vibrations from the floor, I literally had goosebumps.  It's an indescribable feeling to be live during any car unveiling,  let alone one of my top cars of all time,  the Acura NSX unveiling was beyond my dreams and an experience that I am truly beyond so thankful for! Here is the link for the video of the Acura NSX World Debut.


   While walking around the floor with all the amazing cars, my partner Shane and I noticed this video booth kiosk and decided that we were going to try it out see what it was about. Little did we know the amount of fun we were about to have. Her and I stepped into the booth and we got to do the Kia Hamster Dance!  Check us out here having a blast,  and make sure you have the volume up for music.      

  The press kits from all of the automotive dealers that were at NAIAS that I was able to collect are pretty awesome too. LexusJaguarMaserati, Land Rover, and Porsche were a few cars I was able to see. The Acura NSX gave us a limited edition metal car, Bentley gave a key chain, Tesla offered a battery and then the cool SD card holders from BMW,  Mercedes,  and Alfa Romeo. Scion had a Swag machine and I won a key chain and a hat,  and of course,  Ford gave us #FordNAIAS influencers a water bottle, travel pouch,  note pad, and an experience to last a life time.

Hope you enjoyed!!!

Green Travel Gurl



  1. It seems like you had a really great time in that event. Those cars are superb, and I'm sure that they're all turn heads whenever they're on the road. You got tons of freebies too, and that's cool! I really enjoyed looking at the photos. Thank you for sharing them! :)

    Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru

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