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Carnitas Tacos

I recently made my authentic Latino carnitas tacos, (pork meat tacos) and, while it may have taken me all day to cook the pork and cut up all my taco toppings and make a fresh spicy salsa, the meal at the end of the day and for a few days to follow is just worth every minute it took it cook and prepare. It has always been a tradition to add a few more things to cooking then the average store bought items. Add love, and the feel of the salsa music bumping from the speakers. It sounds funny, I know. But trust me, add some good music and love to your meal and it will be tasting extra delicious.

 I use organic vegetables and meat, and find my spices needed for the pork at my local Latino food store. Cooking my pork anywhere from 5-8 hours is what makes it so tender and juicy.

While my pork is cooking, I chop up my toppings such as radish, cabbage, lettuce, cheese, avocado, and what ever else is needed, and place it all in plastic containers in the fridge for later use. I DO make sure to…

Made in USA clothing

I recently went shopping to a local shopping center, and a pretty large one at that. I thought that of the 50+ stores in this shopping center that a few of the stores would have local made clothing. By local I mean made in U.S.A. I was wrong. Not one store, even the store selling "100% Alpaca Sweaters," were made in locally. In fact, the store selling the sweaters had there clothing made in China. It is seeming to be not very easy, or cheap, to find made in USA clothing. I am on a mission to bring back quality made clothing from the United States of America. It is important to me for more than one reason, but one of the biggest reasons has to be the amount of jobs that are created to the over-sea country when we use them to make our clothing. We are in a recession and adding more jobs to our economy could only help build us back up as a nation. My other important issue is the quality of clothing being made. I want to know that my jeans were built strong, tough, and wont …