Thursday, January 31, 2013

30 Inches of Donated Hair

They say that sometimes the biggest change has to come from within. At other times, it has to come from the out. Either way, sometimes change is needed and we must do what is necessary to make that change. I decided that recently it was time for me to do one of those life changing things and I donated 30 inches of my hair. Which is pretty much all of it in the back and left me with a few inches on the top to style.

I have recently been going through a really hard time health wise these past few years and after finally starting to progress in a forward and up hill motion, I felt the time was right to do something for those less fortunate then I am. The only one time I have had short hair like I do now, was when I was a new born baby and it was growing out. That means more than 25 years of having long hair.

Last pictures on the morning of my cut. 1/24/2013

The talented  Belmont Beauty Bar was the sponsor of my hair cut and donation. Ashley Berlin, also co-owner of Belmont Beauty Bar, cut, styled, and colored my hair. The anticipation of getting it all cut and styled seemed like it would take forever in my mind. In reality, it only took a few hours and I had a whole new hair style.  Hello Beautifulness sponsored my makeup. Hello Beautifulness is owned and operated by Rebecca Anderson, and did my amazing makeup for me to look great and film and take some pictures. Then last but not least, the hair pieces that are going to be made from all my long curly hair. The hair piece maker and sponsor is Kymra Hamblin, and she is a cosmetologist entrepreneur and has worked with many different company's and fashion events in the Portland area. Once she is done making the hair pieces, I will be able to find the little girls that will receive them.
This is the last picture taken before my hair got sectioned and ready to be cut. 1/24/2013

I had considered donating my hair to some of the well known organizations out there, but to be honest, I needed something more personal and involved. I want to meet the little girls in person, and be able to see them once they have the hair pieces on. Nothing will complete my journey like having a relationship with the special little girls who feel complete with my hair.

This was quite a powerful change I did for myself. I was not easy to think about doing, but the action of cutting it for a greater cause is so worth every bit of hair I was able to donate.
30 inches of hair all cut and ready to make wigs for little girls who need my hair more.

I included some photos of my evening for you to be able to see the steps I went through and how it all turned out. I also filmed it and am putting together a nice video that I hope to have ready to share with you in the next month or so.

It is quite a different look for me. But I am so blessed to have such great hair to be able to give away to a couple children.


  1. The beauty of your heart and story brought tears to my eyes Amanda! My Mom is a survivor, 13 years out!

  2. You look so sexy in your new 'do'! Love it! And love why you did it even more!

  3. gorgeous - you AND your generosity! <3

  4. This is really a great job done..Donating your hair and helping others is surely a good job..

  5. Powerful very powerful act of giving and bravery Amanda. Your new look is fabulous and flirty. :-D Best wishes and may God bless you!

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