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30 Inches of Donated Hair

They say that sometimes the biggest change has to come from within. At other times, it has to come from the out. Either way, sometimes change is needed and we must do what is necessary to make that change. I decided that recently it was time for me to do one of those life changing things and I donated 30 inches of my hair. Which is pretty much all of it in the back and left me with a few inches on the top to style.

I have recently been going through a really hard time health wise these past few years and after finally starting to progress in a forward and up hill motion, I felt the time was right to do something for those less fortunate then I am. The only one time I have had short hair like I do now, was when I was a new born baby and it was growing out. That means more than 25 years of having long hair.

Last pictures on the morning of my cut. 1/24/2013

The talented  Belmont Beauty Bar was the sponsor of my hair cut and donation. Ashley Berlin, also co-owner of Belmont Beauty Bar, cu…

#FordNAIAS 2013

I had the honor of being able to attend the Ford Motor Company event for online influencers, #FordNAIAS Digital Summit Event. I was fortunate to attend with Seth Leitman, aka The Green Living Guy. This was my second time attending an event with Ford Motors on behalf of the social media world and gaining the latest and greatest of information from Ford about the new things they are doing to be even more "green" and maintain the number one spot on offering the most eco-friendly, sustainable, quality, and over-all best choice in electric vehicle, hybrid, and technology in vehicles to chose from.

This years event began with all the attendees meeting up at the Henry Ford Museum for dinner and a presentation with Scott Monty, Head of Social Media for Ford Motor Company, along with J Mays, Group Vice President, Design, and Chief Creative Officer at Ford Motor Company, and the founding members of LEGS Media/ MILK. I was lucky enough to be able to share this event with a few fellow…

Have you ever walked by a store and went in to buy and item and when you check to see where it was made it is made outside of the U.S.A.? Then proceed to think how it made, who is making the item, are they being paid fairly, are they being treated right, given health insurance, and have a strong education to help then grow as people should? If you answered yes, then you are like myself, a conscience consumer and the growing trend of conscience consumerism and ever growing need to make sure we know the facts about where we get our every day used items.

I have found one of the most amazing places to shop for "green" clothing, jewelry, and accessories, but they believe in making change for the whole world. Its called Hearts. Hearts is not only fabulous fashion that uses upcycled, sustainable, biodegradable, raw, renewable and SO much more. H…