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Costa Rica Rainforest Adventures Wins Accolades for Treading Lightly

OTTAWA, Dec. 11, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- While numerous theme park operators worldwide move toward more sustainable practices – from pilot solar power projects to a few electric vehicles and LED lighting – could the most sustainable theme parks in the world currently be the Rainforest Adventures parks in Costa Rica? According to the Rainforest Alliance, Earth University and Costa Rican Tourism Institute, these two parks are the model for best practices in the world when it comes to sustainable development and operations.

While the two nature parks offer fun things to do in Costa Rica on both coasts like aerial trams, ziplining, butterfly gardens and Costa Rica jungle hikes and treks, the focus of management has always been on sustainability to ensure the conservation of the environment they operate in.

Costa Rica Rainforest Adventures Wins Accolades for Treading Lightly…

Donating My Hair

I have decided that now is the best time in my life to cut and donate all my hair. I have had long hair for almost 18 years and it is time to make a change. It is time for me to change the lives of a couple little girls, while changing the life of myself. I have children myself, and feel blessed to have long hair that will grow back.

Change comes in many forms. Some people go shopping, some people move away to new places and try new things, while others do selfless acts to make a change for themselves but it comes from within.

I recently had a scare and was being tested for cancer. I feel like since getting the blessed news that I am cancer free, (amen) that I need to help those who have not been as blessed. I want to cut off all of my 30 plus inches of hair, and keep only about 2 inches.

I really do love Locks of Love, but I feel like I need something more personal than cutting off my hair and putting it into a bag into the mail. I need my donation to be a personal one. I want to mee…