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Chicken Soup

Recently I got sick and was down and out for over a week. I have never had such a terrible stomach bug ever, and then I began to hear rumors about something weird going around and figured it was time to get out the pot and make myself some home made chicken soup. I thought I would give you a little easy way to make some healthy and hearty soup of your own.
I have a garden in the back yard that had a lot of the veggies I was going to use, and for the ingredients I did not have I went to a local farm that sets up a tent and bought the rest of my ingredients there. As for the chicken, I bought an organic fed chicken from the local market and used that for all my broth and chicken pieces that went into the soup.
I started the pot with nothing in it and began to add the veggies in to brown them and get a nice sear and crisp on them before I added water and let them cook. I added the corn, onion, garlic, and celery and let that all begin to simmer and brown and start the flavoring of …