Monday, July 30, 2012

Watermelon-whale Fun

           When a little family gathering is coming, or a birthday party, or even just a BBQ that you want to make something a little different and twice as fun as normal, then here is something that my sister Angel, and I   did this past week for a lunch that my was going on at a business lunch-in. 

           My mom had this book about creative things to create and this just happened to be one of them. We thought it was cute and totally a summer food to enjoy while it has been hot. I am sure you could go online and look up ways to create the watermelon-whale and also many other ideas I am sure.

           We had to trace the outside of the whole watermelon with a pen and then went back over the line with the end of a fork to make the line visible enough to then cut out with melon into the whale shape with a knife. In this watermelon-whale we have taken a melon-baller and balled watermelon and cantaloupe, added blueberries and then put the grapes around the outside of the whale on the tray so they would not turn brown from being picked off the vine and cut in half.

       You can use any fruit you would like to use and I would even consider getting a recipe for making home-made whipping cream to add as a yummy topping to your watermelon-whale fruit salad. 


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