Monday, July 23, 2012

Go Further Ford 2012

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Go Further Ford trend conference in the end of June and was more than surprised and pleased with the information I walked away learning and understanding. I have such an excitement about the things that Ford Motors are doing in their company to help make a more efficient, Eco-Friendly, and “green.”
Over the 3 day trend conference we heard from experts about Urbanization, Design, Technology, and Eco-Psychology. We heard from Bill Ford himself, the proud great grandson of Henry Ford, about why he has decided to take Ford Motor in the direction it is going in to be more sustainable in the long term of the company. We heard from actor Adrian Grenier, Co-founder of, fashion designer and winner of Project Runway, Christian Siriano, and Ari S. Goldberg CEO of StyleCaster + Co-Founder of Sociocast, along with many other expert panelists about the impact of choosing a sustainable vehicle, product, and brand.
Along with the expert panelists, the attendees of the trend conference were allowed to test drive some of the new Ford cars; the Ford Focus, Ford Expedition, and even the Ford Mustangs on the actual test track used by Ford Motor in Motor City, MI.
I am proud to call myself a Ford Motors supporter and fan. 85% of each and every vehicle is recyclable. That is more than any other automotive maker out there. Time to give the leader in technology, sustainability, and eco-awareness the recognition they deserve for all this hard work. Go Ford Motor!
If you would like to learn more about Ford Motors check them out on the web at

Written by: Green Travel Girl

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